Flutter Developer and Content Creator.
I specialise in Application Development, YouTube Videos, Article Writing.
Enthusiastic about life, design and innovation.


I got into programming back in 2016 and found my passion in building mobile apps using Flutter. Since 2020, I've been using Flutter to bring my ideas to life and even help others with their app projects. In 2022, I started freelancing and have worked on multiple app developments for clients from all over the world. Besides app development, I also use Python to automate tasks and solve programming challenges. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences through articles on Medium. Additionally, I'm pretty handy with Photoshop, which I use to edit photos and create cool graphics like posters, banners, templates, and logos for apps. Oh, and I also make programming tutorials that I share on YouTube to help fellow developers.

I Develop Awesome Mobile Apps

I will create custom applications for you, based on your design and with unique features. Let me know what you need, and I'll be happy to help you build your ideal application.

  • Ecommerce App.
  • Food Delivery App.
  • Fitness App.
  • Social Media App.
  • Chatting App.
  • Customized App.


Here Are My Technical Abilities


Developing Android Applications using Flutter.


Problem Solving and Automations.


Designing Web Templates Using HTML and CSS.

Video Editing

Editing Video using Premiere Pro

Personal Projects

Here are a few projects I worked on while learning.